Our Mission Statement

To look after the socio-economic interests of all our members in order to promote the maintenance and creation of adapted jobs for people with disabilities

Our vision

To be recognized as the leader in the integration of people with disabilities into employment and one of the most important business models in the social economy in Quebec.

Our values

  • Transparency: Acting responsibly and being accountable for our actions in order to establish a relationship of trust with our members and to ensure that we are understood by all.
  • Integrity: To conduct ourselves in a fair and honest manner and avoid putting ourselves in a position where we are beholden to anyone who might unduly influence the performance of our duty.
  • Innovation : Seek continuous improvement, propose new ways, provide creative solutions, create favorable conditions, both in the management of the Programme de subventions aux entreprises adaptées and in the active participation of members.
  • Fairness: Demonstrate neutrality and objectivity, make decisions in accordance with the applicable rules, treat all members fairly and fulfill our duties without partisan considerations.

Our commitments and mandates

  • Represent our members with government authorities for the preservation and growth of the Programme de subventions aux entreprises adaptées.
  • Representing adapted companies to the business community, the disability movement and recognized issue tables.
  • Manage a prevention mutual and a training mutual.
  • Provide occupational health and safety consulting services.
  • Offer training adapted to the needs of managers, supervisors, and workers in adapted companies.
  • Manage financial assistance funds to support the consolidation and development of adapted companies.
  • Promote adapted companies and their products and services.
  • Communicate decisions to all members in a timely manner and involve them, when necessary and appropriate, in the process of making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Discover many of our achievements in our annual reports.

Discover the current strategic directions.

Roger Pedneault Recognition Awards

Since 2013, the Conseil québécois des entreprises adaptées (CQEA) has been presenting five annual Roger Pedneault Recognition Awards in honour of exceptional workers who have distinguished themselves in their integration into adapted workplaces.

Mr. Roger Pedneault has been involved in the development of employment for people with disabilities for almost 40 years. This man played a leading role in convincing politicians in the 1970s to create adapted companies. He is still president of the AFFI Logistique Group adapted company.

Annual Reports


Strategic directions

Summary of strategic elements- CQEA