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To be eligible for employment in an adapted company, a person must meet all these conditions:

  1. have a disability (physical, mental, or intellectual);
  2. the impairment must be of a persistent nature;
  3. significant disability must result from this persistence;
  4. these significant disabilities manifest themselves in the performance of daily, everyday activities.

How can you be hired in an adapted company?

Wondering how to enter the job market in an adapted company? In fact, you must meet all the eligibility criteria (see above) and, to be hired, you must complete your job search process with a Service spécialisé en main d’oeuvre (SSMO). We advise you to identify the adapted company closest to your home that will be able to accompany you to the local SSMO and throughout all your procedures.

Working in an adapted company means that…

  • you get a job suited to your abilities;
  • the layout of the premises, accompaniment, supervision, and training are adapted to workers who have a physical, mental, or intellectual limitation;
  • you get a competitive salary;
  • you may be eligible for certain complementary government measures.

Our spokesperson, Benjamin Gratton, present works in adapted compagnies.