The objectives of our occupational health and safety service are to ensure that all adapted companies, whether or not they are members of our prevention pool, offer safe workplaces and to contribute to the management of occupational health and safety and occupational injury files in the most efficient way possible.

Offer of occupational health and safety (OHS) services


  • Advice, information, guidance, and referrals on all prevention-related issues
  • Inspection visit and recommendations for corrective action
  • Support for the establishment of a prevention programme and its annual updating
  • Support for the development and implementation of procedures (lockout, inspection, etc.)
  • Assessment of risks associated with tasks, workstations, or production lines
  • Evaluation of the ergonomics of workstations or production lines
  • Tips for optimizing the safety of equipment and installations
  • Support and guidance of the OHS committee in the management of prevention
  • Development and implementation of corrective action following an accident

Records management

  • Advice, information, guidance, and referrals on all matters related to OHS records management and the various OHS legislation
  • Follow-up of occupational injury files with the company and CNESST
  • Complete medical expertise request process
  • Medico-administrative follow-up with CNESST
  • Advice and representation before the authorities contesting an occupational injury
  • Collaboration in the establishment of specific temporary assignments
  • Follow-up of the amounts charged by the CSST in the various occupational injury files
  • Assistance in incident or accident analysis to identify causes

In short, several occupational health and safety training courses are available and given by our consultants according to their field of expertise.

For more information, please contact: Magalie Lavoie, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor (Claims) at m.lavoie@cqea.ca or 418-872-7899, ext. 223

Jean-François Boily, Occupational Health and Safety Advisor (Prevention) at jf.boily@cqea.ca or 418-872-7899, ext. 225