L'Atelier-Centre de travail adapté

Company operating in industrial subcontracting, recovery and recycling of household appliances and other materials.

L’Atelier – Centre de travail adapté is a non-profit organization constituted in the form of a social economy enterprise and whose mission is to create a rewarding workplace in order to allow adults with limitations to re-enter the market. work. The objective is to provide a stimulating work environment, allowing to showcase the skills and competences of each individual while promoting real social contact.

L’Atelier – Centre de travail adapté is recognized as an innovative adapted work center, both for the quality of the work experience it offers to its customers and for its ability to meet the needs of the industry


  • Industrial subcontracting (packaging, assembly, dismantling of parts, etc.)
  • Recycling of household appliances
  • Shredding confidential documents
  • Baling paper, cardboard and plastic
  • Recycling of procedural masks
  • Housekeeping
  • Labor rental


  • Housekeeping
  • Packaging and handling
  • Recycling
  • Specialized activities


  • Montérégie


  • Mario Fortin
    General manager
  • Florence Lemaire
    Deputy Director
  • Jessica Campeau 
    Director of Operations
  • Martin Lavallée
    Logistics and maintenance supply manager
  • Andréanne Courchesne
    Intervention coordinator
  • Nathalie Déry
    Logistics technician

Nomber of employees


Contact information


3125, rue Joseph-Simard, door 9

J3R 0E3

Phone :450-742-2999

Fax machine :Poste : CP 5025 BP Plaza Tracy, J3R 4L8

Email : info@atelier-cta.com