Groupe TAQ

Specialized in subcontracting in the industrial, food and nutritional health sectors and manufacturer of Faber snowshoes.

Founded in 1979, Groupe TAQ and its Alliance Division have the mission of promoting the socio-professional integration of people with functional limitations by developing business partnerships. We develop employability and offer permanent, stable and quality jobs to more than 500 people, including more than 350 with disabilities. Motivated, mobilized, rigorous and efficient, the TAQ team takes charge of the production stages for which you lack time, manpower or space. Proud of its agility, our company will find the solution to carry out your manual or semi-automated work within the required deadlines.

Subcontracting Solutions reach companies that have needs in the areas of assembly, packaging of food and nutritional health products and the preparation of parcels.

TAQ Group | Faber division

Thanks to its FABER brand, Groupe TAQ is one of the largest snowshoe manufacturers in the world! With the aim of perpetuating the 150-year history of Faber, Groupe TAQ | Division Faber offers you a range of unique, high quality products that are 100% manufactured in Canada,

We combine Faber’s expertise, developed over the years, with the skilled and passionate workforce of TAQ to create distinctive, patented, socially responsible snowshoes that meet the changing needs of snowshoers.

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In order to obtain the certifications specific to your needs, the Groupe TAQ quality team works together with its partners to set up quality management and/or food safety systems.

GMP-Health Canada: TAQ holds an operating license from the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate. This certification assures you of secondary packaging and labeling work that meets the safety and quality standards established by Health Canada based on the use of your products.


Subcontracting Solutions
- Assembly
- Packaging of food and nutritional health products
- Preparation of packages [type 3PL]
- Diaries & calendars
- Binding



  • Packaging and handling
  • Printing and post-publishing
  • Specialized activities


  • Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • Capitale-Nationale


  • Gabriel Tremblay
    Director General
  • Marie-Josée Rochefort
    Human Resources Director
  • Luc Paris
    Senior Director - Development & Quality
  • Alexandra Lépine
    Communication Director
  • Pascal Gagné
    Production manager

Nomber of employees

500 employees

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