Centrap inc.

Specialized in janitorial services and wood processing.

Centrap specializes in two sectors of activity: wood processing and janitorial services, on both shores of the St. Lawrence River, from Mont-Joli to Baie Comeau.

Accreditation et certification

  • Sanitary maintenance division certified ISO 9001: 2015
  • Wood Processing Division certified under the Canadian Heat-Treated Wood Products Certification Program (HT Program/CWPCP)


  • Office space cleaning
  • Public, commercial, industrial, and institutional building cleaning
  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Seasonal work in the form of deep cleaning and disinfection
  • Punctual maintenance work, according to your needs, and at unit price


  • Manufacture of hard and softwood handling pallets
  • Manufacture of handling pallet components
  • Processing and manufacturing of wood packaging with HT (Pest Control Treatment) stamping, in compliance with the Canadian Heat-Treated Wood Products Certification Program (HT Program/CWPCP)
  • Recovery and recycling of handling pallets
  • Wood cutting of all shapes and dimensions
  • Slitting, arching, chamfering work
  • Dunnage
  • Grooved wood
  • Production of boxes, crates, and cases
  • Lathing
  • By-products (sawdust, shreddings, and shavings)
  • Cooking sticks for camping
  • Custom woodwork and wood preparation according to your needs


  • Housekeeping
  • Wood industry


  • Bas-Saint-Laurent
  • Côte-Nord


  • Chantal Otis
    Executive Director
  • Guylaine Thibeault
    Administrative Assistant and Quality Control
  • Daniel St-Pierre
    Foreman - Sanitary maintenance (South Shore)
  • Jean Richard
    Foreman - Sanitary maintenance (North Shore)
  • Rock Lavoie
    Foreman - Wood processing plant
  • Gina Boudreau
    Human resources coordinator

Nomber of employees

95 employees

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Contact information


1111, rue Industrielle, C.P.188

G5L 6J2

Phone :418-775-7202

Fax machine :418-775-2823

Email : centmj@globetrotter.net

Baie Comeau

169A, Boulevard Lasalle

G4Z 1S2

Phone :418-294-2161

Fax machine :418-294-4110

Email : centrapbc@globetrotter.net