Atelier Signes d'espoir

Working mainly with deaf people, Aterlier Signes d’espoir specializes in the recycling of computer and electronic products and books and in various manual jobs.

Atelier Signes d’Espoir has been in existence for over 20 years. It allows people with disabilities, mainly deaf people, to practice a trade adapted to their condition in an environment where they can communicate in Quebec Sign Language (QSL). Atelier Signes d’Espoir has a solid reputation for quality and customer service. Atelier Signes d’Espoir operates in several sectors. Atelier Signes d’Espoir is notably the only recycler in Quebec City accredited by ARPE-Québec since November 2013. It ensures the recycling and reuse of computer equipment according to the Recycle Qualification Office (RQO) standards.

Accreditation et certification

  • Recyclers Qualification Program for the Recycling of End-of-Life Electronics Products (EOLE)
  • Electronics Reuse & Refurbishing Program (ERRP)
  • ICI ON RECYCLE! (Level 2)
  • Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (authorized refurbishing centre)


  • Computer and electronic product recycling
  • Copper wire recycling
  • Used book recycling
  • Miscellaneous work (Folding, packing, cello wrapping, bagging, mail preparation, etc.)
  • Used computers and books resale shop (Boutique Ordi-Livres Signes d’Espoir)


  • Pallets and wooden boxes for shipping
  • Refurbished computers (PCs and laptops)
  • Resale of used books


  • Packaging and handling
  • Printing and post-publishing
  • Recycling
  • Wood industry


  • Capitale-Nationale


  • Stéphane Pellerin
    Executive Director
  • Line Gaudreau
    Estimation, billing, and transportation

Nomber of employees

42 employees

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Contact information


185 Boulevard des Cèdres

G1L 1M8

Phone :418-624-6838

Fax machine :418-624-9791

Email :


2378, avenue Maufils

G1J 4K3

Phone :418-527-5353

Fax machine :418-527-4731

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